Apple is not playing well with external monitors beginning from macOS Catalina and everything becomes weirder with Big Sur

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You bought a brand new car and enjoying the driving on an empty road. You saw a car behind from rear view mirror and the day is getting dark. As a result, your brand new expensive car made mirrors more dark because it doesn’t want you get affected by headlight. The problem is that while doing this operation, the rear view mirror doesn’t show a car behind anymore because of driver problem. The mirrors go more in angle and completely black somehow. What do you think? It is a big frustration, right?

Basically, macOS Big Sur is behaving similarly when…

I was using Sennheiser PXC 550 and Bose Quiet Comfort 35II. They are not anywhere near Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony Sony WH-1000XM4

I always like Sony — maybe it is coming from my childhood as I grew in the years that Walkman was cool and you need to have Sony Walkman (not talking about the mobile phone). For a long time, I haven’t had any direct Sony product other than PlayStation. I don’t know the reason but European brands are generally easy to reach and their customer service is easier to have.

For sound products, especially headphones (inner or over-ear), I was always a big fan of Sennheiser products. Their plain and simple adjustments had made me happy for a long time…

I have been using it for the last two years. I always have a love-to-hate relationship. In the end, I gave up and here are the reasons

Kinesis Advantage 2 Keyboard with Mac Keycaps

I like ergo products because I am spending at least 9 hours on a chair to perform my profession: I am a software engineer and keyboard -especially keyboard- is my daily driver. I have hundreds of keyboard shortcuts to manage my windows, coding environment (yeeeey vim + tmux), etc. If the keyboard is not comfortable then I will have pain and it will be a painful work environment. As I am celebrating my 20th year in professional life, I’ve been using a lot of keyboards you can imagine. It was easy old times — There was a certain shape and…

These are the apps I am using and cannot tell how much they are saving my daily work life

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Currently, I am head of data engineering in a unicorn startup. I have at least 4–5 meetings on a good day but I am used to having 10–12 meetings in a day. I am kind of an enabler between product and data team that I collect requirements, evaluate how they are important for business perspective, tell data engineers in engineering language :) As I am a computer engineer, the last part is generally very easy because I build teams who can collaborate easily. The hardest part is that follow-ups, understanding every tech level of stakeholders, connecting dots about data, and…

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Covid-19 or not, you should prepare yourself to hire remote candidates especially in the IT area: Software developers, data scientists, data engineers, DevOps, SREs, etc. There can be a lot of things that may go wrong if you don’t know how to do a remote interview. The worst one is losing the candidate who may make a leap for the company.

I had an interview with a startup based in Switzerland. I don’t know how successful they are but after seeing the interview, I think that it is a startup that is dying to be bought.

Anyway, their HR approached…

Macbook Air 13" 2020

This is my first Macbook Air, generally, I am using Macbook Pro but I requested Macbook Air from my newly joined company and they sent me. I am using the i5 version with 16GB RAM.

I need to tell you a little bit about what I am doing and developing. I am a principal big data engineer as a technical guy but currently, I am in head of data engineering role. When I am technical, I have the following applications running: Firefox, Vim, Vscode (sometimes), PyCharm Community Edition (sometimes, especially refactoring), Apache Spark (as an instance), Zoom, Slack, Todoist,…

Trello with auto-generated numbers for cards

Trello is a very good productive tool to manage your tasks as a card in the Kanban framework. I cannot say Trello is my go to tool for my daily usage, especially managing personal life. I am using Trello if I need to manage the things more than me but my go to tool is Todoist which has sync problems between iPhone and my MBP but still, there is no contender adding todo items as fast as Todoist. Trello also has global shortcuts to add fast cards but you still need to choose board and list. …

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Surprise! I also got the same e-mail recently in my Spam box:


This article is based on macOS Catalina

Not all Kernel panics are the same but this is very common issue on the Web too:

Why does it happen?

It is happening when your laptop has connected external monitor, enters sleep mode for a while. I don’t know how much for a while because it is happening when I am sleeping and no one measured yet. It is not happening after 1–2 hours (at least in my case). Your MBP 16" restarts itself and when I woke up, I see login screen and dialog to send error to Apple. …

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I am not against ads but it is becoming headache. When we were using Web around 2000s, web sites have jumping/flying text around, weird cursor tails etc. At that time, I was thinking the same: Too bloated! I always like minimalism and if I am using Internet by web browser, it means I am searching for something or want to read something. Of course, there are more options like playing games but there are a lot of ads in games too.

Nowadays, web content is becoming rubbish — Quality content requires money, free content is just repetition of words (thanks…

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Principal Big Data Engineer. I use my cooking skills to solve the conflicts.

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